Barbara Abaterusso, artist and designer of international renown, comes from a strange alchemy of blood and circumstances. Her Apulian father and Venetian mother fall in love despite the profound geographical and character differences, two contrasting winds, both from families of tailors and costume designers, and find the thread that unites them in the multiform universe of fabrics. Her father, a descendent of Greek merchants, pursues beauty and art. A rebel spirit, but with a great sense of family, he still uses the strong speech of his native Salento, where the Baroque, with all its pompous gold embroidery and Oriental contamination, finds its ultimate expression. Her Venetian mother, an emancipated woman of Austrian origins, is the synthesis of another world. Rational and pragmatic, austere and highly cultured, she comes equipped with great organizational skills, while bringing with her the maximum expression of grandiose and extraordinary beauty that belongs to her native city, Venice, an incredible example of how architecture can also become lacework.

“Memory is one of the mental processes legible in my creations, thus the construction of the memory becomes the central motive of my work. Going back over my personal history, I understood how important and necessary it is to start from oneself, turning one’s own experiences into creativity that can be enjoyed by others.”

She still harbours memories of the women of her family getting together with friends and neighbours to enjoy embroidery, crocheting and needlework. It is no accident that the new atelier in Via Monserato, in the heart of Rome, is a place of reminiscence, such is the appeal of the architectural style, much like the buildings of Salento, the native land of her father, and the works on display, that reflect the themes of lace and needlework, of gold and silver that recall dear Venice, the female universe of her mother and beloved grandmother.